Dusting, the ancestral technique that is making a comeback.


At Neville Hair and Beauty SS17 is all about beautiful healthy hair and what better way to kick start the season than introducing a new technique that will save inches off your hair. At Neville, we believe that short hair should be a choice not an obligation, which is why session stylist and creative director, Stephen Low introduces the Dusting Technique. Inspired by velaterapia, the Brazilian technique involving a lit candle stick to burn off split ends. Dusting is much less dangerous. Promising to be a success amongst all women who fear losing length, dusting will only get rid of the damaged hair you no longer need, says Low.

To achieve this, Stephen slides a section of the hair under his index, over his middle finger and back under his ring finger, he then slides his hand towards the ends of the hair.

This motion detects the split ends through the shaft of the hair and ensures that only the damaged hair is removed. This rigorous technique can only be carried out by a well experienced stylist armed with lots of patience and sharp scissors.