Diamonds and facials are girl’s best friends !!

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‘Talk to me Harry Winston, tell me all about it’… There are the times when you are perfectly able to experience some grand moments and even hum those famous lyrics in that inimitable Marilyn Monroe way.. And if there is a name that simply revolutionised the modern red carpet glamour it’s certainly the iconic American jeweller, Harry Winston. It’s always such a treat to watch the leading ladies of Hollywood adorned by those priceless gems but it’s an even greater honour to experience the master jeweller’s pieces for yourself – and such was the occasion that was organised by my Harry Winston friends at Harrods.


This event was cleverly split into several (highly photogenic) moments including the viewing of the latest incarnation of the Sunflower Collection at Harry Winston’s Fine Jewellery Room in Harrods; a quick drive on the colourful Harrods bus and the more than stylish luncheon at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. All of those qualities that the Harry Winston name is synonymous with in the public consciousness – timelessness, tradition and elegance –  were very much in evidence during this luncheon at the Rosebery Room where even the table arrangements were styled so beautifully to complement the overall theme.



It was all jewels and luxury for me at that luncheon until I spotted the pair of vintage HW earrings on the young lady sitting at the table right next to me. I am not sure whether it was the design or the background story that went back a few generations or just the young,flawless face of their owner that lead my thoughts from sparkle to skin. And the lady in question had admirably luxe skin that seemed not only fresh and taut but also well looked after, which only prompted me to book a treatment Neville’s very own beauty specialist – pronto.



According to my more than sought-after therapist Fere (facialist favourite of Yasmin Le Bon and Olivia Palermo who simply adore her bespoke approach) my skin needed just a gentle microdermabrasion followed by the treatment that so many of Neville’s clients simply swear by – the oxygen facial. The oxygen part of the treatment involved a thick-mineral and nutrient-rich serum being applied onto my face and the effect even after just 15 minutes was relaxed, dewy and radiant skin.
What I particularly enjoyed during this treatment was the relaxing massage of the eye-area followed by equally divine rub with Matis Gentle Eye Lotion.



In next week’s blog I will tell you in more detail about the Style magazine shoot that we did at our salon in St Barth’s but I have a feeling that this won’t be my only topic. Stay well and stay tuned.


Elena x

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