Hair Colour Techniques

Neville has a dedicated team of colour specialists ready to give you the perfect shade to complement your natural colouring and make you look fabulous! Whether you are after a look that’s natural, eye-catching or something completely different, our experts can help you.



A colour treatment for clients seeking a head-turning change, or who have had problematic or disappointing results in need of rectifying. £ Price by consultation (Consultation is free of charge).


If you’re looking to brighten up your locks or simply fancy a colour change, perfectly placed high or low lights will add depth and movement to your style.

Being our most popular colour service, Highlights are the expert way to maintain your timeless blonde locks. Our wide variety of shades – from icy blonde and vanilla to honey and caramel tones – will offer endless options when choosing a stunning colour that’s best suited to you. Not just for our blonde bombshells, Highlights are the perfect solution if you’re looking for a natural, elegant change to your hue.

Similarly to Highlights, Lowlights are great for adding the illusion of more volume or are fabulous for those looking to dye their hair for the first time. Half head highlights from £220 | Full head highlights from £280.


For long-lasting rich, natural colour or to cover those really stubborn greys, L’Oréal Majirel is the colour solution for you. With a wide spectrum of tones and shades to choose from, your Neville stylist will work with you to create a look that’s simply gorgeous.

Also available in beautifully rich shades, INOA ammonia-free permanent colour puts less stress on your hair while leaving you with a more natural and softer feel. Offering up to 6 weeks of intense hydration, your hair will be protected against external influences while feeling nourished and vibrant.

Both our hair colour products are the perfect solution for those who want 100% coverage of white hair or are simply fabulous for those who are looking for a complete colour change. From blondes to natural colour, these fashionable shades will bring your hairstyle to life.

Tint from £100 | Vegetable Tint from £100 | T-Section from £140


Illuminate your hair with a multi-tonal technique, where subtle flashes of light are cast through the hair to emphasise natural shine and movement. The perfect way to add life and depth to your hair colour. From £220.


The perfect blend between blonde and brunette, Neville Bronde is a new colour technique which involves blending a mixture of blonde and brunette tones to achieve a natural looking ‘Bronde’ – a colour favoured by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Leona Lewis. From £250.


The Blondi Colour Technique creates lighter pieces using a free hand technique. We apply colour with dabs and strokes to give a total natural organic look. Focusing on the ‘framework’ of hair around the face which gives that lift and touch of lightness that has a more youthful fresh feel, The Blondi achieves that ‘halo’ sun kissed effect which the Aussies have down to a T. From £250.


A favourite with Made In Chelsea stars Ashley and Cheska, our signature Chelsea Glow creates a savvy, street smart blonde, the epitome of SW3 glamour. This healthy, wealthy blonde oozes gloss and shine and involves a special technique of smudging round the hairline for clarity and opacity. A twist of royal golden shimmer and multilayers of crystal tones, radiating light in the same way as a gemstone, gives the Chelsea Glow its regal blonde. From £250.


Balayage and Ombré highlighting techniques are designed to create a very soft and natural look.

‘Balayage’ is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. Based on the principle that ‘less is more’, this technique achieves a sun-kissed, natural looking hair colour similar to the soft tones of children’s hair, and with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines.

‘Ombré’ refers to the dark roots/light ends effect. This technique also produces sun-kissed, natural looking colour, as if you’ve stepped straight off the Riviera!

Both techniques can be manipulated and played with to produce the most beautifully on-trend hair colour, or the softest sun-kissed look ever.

Balayage half head from £220 | Balayage full head from £280 | Ombré from £220


For this technique, Ombré and Balayage are melted together to create the Ombralyage (cleverly coined by Neville himself). This stunning colour has been swept over the tresses of some of Hollywood’s most enviable including Blake Lively and the Olsen twins.

“Combining the two is a great balance,” says colourist Seniz who worked her magic on Kelly Brook’s hair, and reveals that the trend of mixing Ombré and Balayage is about to evolve colour to a whole new level.

“The real artistry comes with the lights. This is where the Ombralayage does its magic. I start with fine delicate highlights at the root, gradually getting thicker, chunkier and heavier towards the ends. Because I can control exactly where the highlights are placed, and depending on the amount of lightener used on each hair strand, you get a variation of different colors, tones and intensity.

The parts that get less lightener only lift to a caramel shade, and where you go heavier with the lightener, you get honey tones…the result is a seamless graduation of multiple colours.” From £220.


Neville are now offering pastels, as seen on the likes of Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Katy Perry and Sienna Miller, with L’Oreal’s new hair colours – which include pastel pink panther, pastel lilac lavender and pastel peach bunch. All colours are semi permanent, lasting two weeks, and wash out in 3-5 washes.

The colour is applied using traditional balayage by our colour stylists. Using a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques, we are able to control the amount of pastel we apply onto the hair. The result is festival party hair with a stunning shine lasting up to two weeks. So whether you are venturing to Glastonbury or one of the international festivals over the summer – we will get your hair ready for the colour trend of the season. From £150.


Homme Cover is a hair colouring system designed specifically for men, offering natural yet subtle results. Applied in just a few minutes, Homme Cover will gently blend away any greys, leaving you with natural looking hair.

Work with your stylist to enhance your natural texture by adding BESPOKE free hand colour. This simple yet effective technique will be designed to match your individuality and style. From £80.