Bespoke Hair Treatments

Bespoke Hair Treatments


This high-tec machine puts the goodness back into your hair with dry steam and tailored masks specific to your individual hair needs. The treatment starts with a gentle scalp massage to melt away any stress followed by a conditioning mask and reflexology is performed whilst it takes effect. It leaves your hair feeling nourished, healthy and full of bounce for up to five weeks.    FROM £90


The caviar cure treatment is a blissful, hour-long session leaving your hair incredibly soft, supple and shiny, as well as pampering the scalp to sooth and hydrate. The masque enriched with essential fatty acids and ceramides combined with antioxidants and vitamins A and E in the caviar pearls gives you the best looking and feeling hair and scalp.   FROM £150 (60 MINS)


The damage control treatment is a relaxing hour-long session to leaving your hair incredibly soft and shiny, as well as pampering the scalp to sooth and hydrate. Both the hair and scalp are treated using Neem oil. You are then placed under a Dry-steam machine to allow the oil to penetrate deeply into each hair shaft. This treatment naturally helps your hair become stronger, feel softer and look shiny and healthy.   FROM £90 (60 MINS)

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