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Neville Hair and Beauty relaunches its beauty department

September 2016: Neville Hair and Beauty celebrates the relaunch of its beauty department, with a focus on intelligent beauty. A new and unique concept, designed to feel great on the inside whilst looking great on the outside. This is an offer that is as much about experiencing the moment as the final result.

Neville is broadening its beauty offer by introducing a healthy menu crafted by Francesca The Method, the acclaimed and multi-talented personal trainer & life coach. Like the Neville brand, Francesca’s dishes represent the distinctive style of a pioneer and innovator. Her carefully concocted recipes serve an aesthetic purpose and promotes different health benefits such as hair growth, glowing skin and natural fat burners.

Identifying and supporting the latest beauty treatments on the market is a Neville tradition, which is why, in addition to promoting clean and healthy eating, Neville is also expanding its beauty offer with the introduction of new treatments and services:

  • Venus Versa: offers the most revolutionary technology, such as Multi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF) and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF). These have long been used to stimulate skin regeneration and new tissue growth, due to their proven and excellent results combined with NanoFractional RFTM resurfacing and IPL therapies to deliver the most in-demand aesthetic treatments.
  •  The Fresh Face: a limited and personalised express makeup service to celebrate the client’s individuality. Designed for those on the move.

It is Neville’s constant ability to reinvent itself that makes it the salon of choice amongst the world’s elite and celebrity clientele.

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