4 Hairstyles You Can Achieve in 5 Minutes

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Runway hairstyles used to be just about the runway Now it’s all about ease. The hair seen on the runway is always about reflecting the designs that are being showcased and we’re finding that’s more and more of an “effortless” look. Effortless comes hand in hand with re-creatable.



Hair by Stephen Low of ELSL management.


A braided ponytail will work on everybody with enough length reguardless of hair texture.

  1. Get a grip.Use a texturising product all over the length to avoid a skinny limp tail. Try L’Oréal Paris Txt It Tousle Waves Spray.
  2. Create a little separation.Use a sculpting paste through your roots as you scrape your hair back to ensure the look stays in place. This look is just as much about the front as it is the back. (we like Depolish “Wild Stylers” by L’oreal)
  3. Start with a tight, low ponytail. If you struggle with hair slipping out of your hands, then try securing at the top and bottom to keep it in place. Braiding loose hair is a different kind of look. We want tight braids for this look.
  4. Lock it in. If your hair has layers you’ll know that they often come poking through a plait and this can ruin the look entirely. Using a smooth defining cream like L’oreal Liss Control through the ponytail; will keep the braid clean and prevent this from happening.




The difference between an overdone blowdry and a cool blowdry is a day. Second day waves are the main ingredient to a cool blowdry but recreating them on day one isn’t as difficult as you might think


Hair by Stephen Low of ELSL Management

Hair by Stephen Low of ELSL Management

Grab a styling cream.
Run a styling cream through damp hair to smooth over any frizz that comes with freshly washed hair. (we like L’Oréal Paris Blow Dry It Thermal Smoother), work oil through the ends to recreate that second day “oily” look. Less is more as they say so don’t be temped to recreate a fourth day look.

Turn on the heat.
Rough dry your hair using your hands. If your hair is thick and/or curly you may need a round brush to smooth it over.

Wrap it up.
Split the hair into four vertical sections whilst its still warm. Roll each one into the root and secure with a pin. Leave this for at least ten minutes however the finer your hair the longer you’ll need to leave it. When you take the pins out you’ll have loose waves.

Touch it up.
Any wonky bits can be fixed by wrapping them around a one inch iron and shaking them to loosen the curl. Remember you’re not trying to create an overdone look so under styling is key. This is no time to be a perfectionist.



The Knot Top

To add height to your style without sacrificing length; a half up top-knot is the way to go.

  1. Get a lived-in look. Over damp hair, Mist a salt spray such as Beach Waves Spray by L’oreal and blow-dry with a paddle brush.
  2. Grab some hair for the topknot.The best way is to take the hair from temple up and piling it into the crown area. Loop it and bunch it together. Remember this look is effortless so once again its important not to over style and not be a perfectionist. Lived in top knots are good top knots.
  3. Wrap it up.Tie it up with anything you like. an elastic hair band with hooks on both ends are better as they prevent the knot from falling floppy and also prevent breakage.
  4. Add even more texture.You can add as much texture as you like depending how grungy you’d like the knot to be. For “prettier” knots lay off teasing too much and perhaps add a shine spray. For a more editorial look get the texture right through to the ends.




The FringeWe love a fringe. We believe a fringe is the first thing people will notice about you so its important that your fringe is looking its best at all times.

Add some separation.
To avoid a fringe looking too heavy we recommend using a Salt spray. Even a blunt fringe should have some texture so don’t worry that you’re ruining your look

Blow-dry your fringe first.
Get the most difficult part of the blow-drying process out of the way first. If you have an unwelcome cowlick, you’ll understand the fatal error of letting it partially dry whilst you concentrate on the bulk of your hair. Use a paddle brush back and forth to “reset” any unwelcome curls. The bulk of your hair will stay wetter for longer so it can wait.

If you must get snippy.
Many hair stylists will tell you not to cut your hair at home. It is forgivable if its done properly. If you are going to cut your own fringe it should only be to add texture rather than take off length. Hold the scissors vertically and snip upwards into DRY fringe. NEVER attempt to cut your fringe wet.

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